How to Make an Addictive Mobile Application

The iPhone 4

If there were a secret recipe to make an addictive and revenue generating mobile application, would you use it, the answer would be a resounding “YES”…

Unfortunately there is no secret recipe to develop an addictive mobile application. But if you look closely at all those mobile applications that have been hugely successful, they would have some common traits which can be analysed, and then put them to good effect while developing a smartphone / mobile application.

There are millions of mobile applications out there in the market so how does your mobile application standout amongst the others. Did you know that many apps there are downloaded are tried once and then discarded. A report says “With 60,000 apps added to the App Store every month, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult for apps to stand out.”

It is absolutely necessary to develop an amazing and addictive mobile app. When you look around you see people are using their mobile phone at the grocery store, at the theatres, at the airport and even while walking down the street. So it is evident that people will use a mobile app that helps them stream line and improve their day-to-day interactions and decisions. Few points to ponder,

Visual Appeal




The important factor to keep in mind is to keep the mobile application simple. If you flood the app with tons of features and if it is hard work for the user to go through all those features, the chances of the user returning to the app is slim.

Keep it simple

I am sure that you would know that gaming apps are the ones that are hugely popular amongst all type of users. Incorporating gamification features to your app could give the thrust that it needs. This will help to keep the user engaged and would definitely encourage them to promote your app. As far as instructions are concerned I sincerely doubt whether a user goes through the instructions, its important to make the app intuitive as possible. This is to handhold the user in an engaging way.

Apps are downloaded on a daily basis and to stay in touch with the user it is very very important to notify your user on a regular basis. Provide an easy option to share the mobile application. All said there are plenty of apps out there, some of them being fun, entertainment and gaming apps. How do you standout from the rest will decide the fate of the app.

To conclude create an app that solves a common & daily problem.

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Tips for Live Chat Etiquette


Instant messaging and live chat are popular Internet tools that can be used to make new friends, communicate with existing ones, and for business purposes too. To make the best use of live chat, you need to follow certain guidelines. This article provides a few tips for live chat etiquette that can help you use this medium effectively.

Use a Cool Screen Name and Icon

For casual chatting, you can use a funky screen name and icon. In fact, an attractive screen name can kindle other people’s interest in you. For business chat, you need to be more formal.

Introduce Yourself

Make first contact and respond to a chat request by introducing yourself. Provide the requested details to make the other person more comfortable. Your basic personal details can help to start and lead the conversation on.

Keep the Messages Short

Do not use long sentences in live chat. For casual chatting you can use cool abbreviations, but this is forbidden in business chat. Try to condense your messages to keep them relevant and interesting.

Don’t Use Uppercase

Using uppercase is considered rude in live chat. The other person would think you are being aggressive. If you are not a fast typist, stick to lowercase at all times to save time.

Give People Enough Time to Reply

Do not be impatient if the other person does not respond immediately. He or she may be preoccupied with something else. Most live chat tools provide an indication when the other person is typing. So, be patient and wait for the response.

Be Cool but Polite

Do not go overboard in your bid to look cool. You can be informal and funky, but stay within the norms of etiquette and decency. If you do not know the other person well, be more polite. Use “thank you” and “please” when required to maintain decorum.

Be Attentive

Pay attention to the live chat to show your interest in the conversation. Respond to the chat as quickly as possible. If you have to go away for a while, inform the other person about it.

Make Use of Emoticons

Use emoticons to convey your message.d meaning. If you crack a joke, use a smiley to clarify your intention. Emoticons can help to put the other person at ease and make him or her comfortable.

Do Not Disclose Sensitive Personal Information

Be cautious while chatting with strangers. Do not reveal too much personal information about yourself as fraudsters can use the details to commit identity theft. Be more open with personal information only if you have complete confidence in the other person.

End the Chat Formally

End the conversation formally and do not leave the other-person in limbo. Be clear that you are ending the chat; otherwise the other person will be waiting for more messages from you.


Internet live chat has its own rules and etiquette. Follow the tips mentioned in this article to improve your live chat communication skills and leave a good impression on the people you chat with.


Trouble-Shooting Tips for Computer Freezes After Startup


There is nothing more frustrating than to have your computer freeze up after startup but if it does there are ways to fix it. There are many different reasons why this might happen that can include having defective hardware such as having a loose connection between the computer motherboard and hardware, having an infected driver, having faulty software which can include being infected with a virus, or having a bugged operating system which means your operation system may be corrupted.

If your computer freezes right after startup here are the things that you can try to get your computer to respond. Make sure that you do these steps in order.

1. Set your system in clean boot and then reboot your system
2. Click on start and in the search box type misconfig and hit enter. If the system prompts you for a confirmation like a password, just type it in and click continue.
3. On the General tab click on selective startup.
4. Under the selective startup clear the checkbox that says clear the load startup items.
5. Select the Services tab
6. On the prompt Hide all Microsoft Services click on this check box and click disable all.
7. Click okay and when the system prompts you to do so chick restart
8. If your system starts up and you are running the operating systems Windows XP or Windows Vista you will need to apply the algorithm divide and conquer in order to detect the Microsoft service that is causing your computer to freeze on startup.

Once you have the startup freeze problem solved you will need to check the registry by doing these things.

1. Click on start and type REGEDIT in the search box and hit enter.
2. The registry key that you should be looking for is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Files System
3. In order to delete any short or duplicate versions for DOS names you need to set the NtfsDisabled8dot3NameCreation to the number 1.

If your computer freezes at startup or just after startup do not automatically think that it needs to be reformatted. If you are not computer savvy and do not want to try to fix it yourself you can either call a professional computer repair technician to come to your place to fix it or you can take it to a computer repair technician. Either could be very expensive. Sometimes just turning it off and letting it sit for at least thirty minutes you will find the problem solved when turning on the computer again.