Tips for Computer Case Cooling


Keeping the components within your computer case cool is imperative to how your system performs on a daily basis. A computer that overheats will give you a wealth of problems from shutting down expectedly to actually damaging the equipment, leaving you with a worthless computer that you have to spend money on to repair.

Fan filter assemblies provide you with an opportunity to provide your computer components with the ventilation they need to perform at their best at all times. Items such as hard drives, graphic cards and motherboards all heat up as they operate and if you’re working on your computer all day or night, you will soon feel the heat coming off the machine.

The first tip you should take into consideration when it comes to computer case cooling is to ensure you buy a fan filter assembly that is bigger than required. Ideally buying a larger fan and allowing it to run at a slower speed will provide you with the same ventilation as a smaller fan running at optimum speed. The main benefit to choosing a larger fan over a smaller fan to ventilate the same area is it will be considerably quieter.

Always use a fan filter. Taking advantage of a fan filter assembly for your computer case can save you headaches in the long run. In addition to reducing the risk of a child in the home injuring themselves by sticking a finger in the fast moving fan, the fan filter also reduces any dust and dirt getting inside the computer. Computer components work best when they are clean and cool, which is what these products provide, ensuring you always have a great performing machine you can rely on day and night.

It is imperative when you install your fan filter assembly that you mount it correctly. Even if you think you know what you are doing, take the time to follow the instructions to the letter. Correct mounting reduces the risk of noise. As you know there is nothing worse than trying to work with a computer droning in the back ground.

When you look at your computer case, plan where you want to put your fans. Most cases come with areas ready to take on new fans, some you have to plan the design yourself. Ensure you have at least one in the front and back, maybe one on the side, depending on the layout inside the case and where all your components are located. You will need to ensure that air is drawn into the case near your graphics card and hard drives, which can heat up quickly. The air should then be drawn out on the other side, pushing any excess hot air out of the case. This will ensure that everything is kept cool at all times, enabling your computer to really work at its best without fail.

When it comes to buying fan filter assembly components you don’t need to break the bank. In fact these are affordable items that come in a variety of different brands and sizes. You can measure the space you have available to identify the best option based on your particular needs.

Don’t fall into the trap of buying the cheapest option on the market. You can find that some companies will offer the same or similar fan filter assembly for a fraction of the cost. As with any product you buy, you want to focus on quality. A high quality fan filter assembly is going to last longer and provide you with all the benefits you need to have a great working computer for years to come.

Problems That Are Commonly Faced When Using a Computer

Pretty female office worker destroying laptop computer

Computer problems are not new to a person using a personal computer regularly at home or at work. Problems can go from simple issues like frozen screens and lock-ups to major job effecting issues like drop of power supply and a hard drive crash. An endless list of computer problems are bound to happen out of which some can be easily cleared by shutting down the computer and clicking on restart. However, there are other grave problems that cannot be resolved without the help of an experienced technician or a professional. If you encounter any such problem you can always consider calling an IT professional to get your problem resolved, however just before placing that call it would do you good to analyze all the common computer issues and see if you can fix the problem yourself. In situations that require professional intervention such as a virus attack, it would be wise to take a backseat power off your system and call the professionals.

Contrary to the thoughts of many individuals where computers are considered magic machines, computers are after all man-made and contain a lot of delicate parts such as memory chips, programs, circuit boards and applications. These intricate parts, just like other machines can fail and malfunction. Computer problems such as strange noise coming from the system, performing slowly, freezing of the screen and unresponsive programs are all common issues. A few of the issues can usually be rectified by just rebooting the system and if that doesn’t work it mean that there is a serious error that has happened which requires professional intervention.

Sometimes individuals refer to problems of their personal computers when the problem is actually Internet related. Most of the work done on the computer is with the help of the internet and therefore a lot of browsers would be opened on the screen, this could be consuming a lot of power. This type of power consumption can cause the computer to run slow. If you encounter a slow computer, it would always be helpful to check for Internet activity such as closing of sites and tabs that are currently not in use. This will help in freeing up of the system and improve the computer’s speed.

One of the more serious issues that is very common however cannot be easily fixed is the attack of virus. Without being aware of it individuals keep downloading a lot of virus on a daily basis. They become aware of the malware only when it comes to the point where the computer does not respond crashes. This can be avoided by keeping away from e-mails sent to you by unknown people, by refraining from going into suspicious websites, by keeping away from links that look fishy. These are just a few ways by which hackers introduce viruses into your system. It is very important to be alert when checking e-mails because you could be using a networked system that is shared with the rest of the office and so when a virus enters your system it can be easily transmitted to other machines as well.


5 Key Facts About Rugged Servers and the Internet of Things


If you pay attention to tech news, you may have noticed the recent buzzword, the “internet of things.” While this is a pretty silly moniker, it refers to a situation in which objects, people, or even animals are given unique identifiers, enabling them to transmit data over a network without any interaction with another human or a computer. Through the use of wireless technology and rugged servers, the Internet of Things (IoT) has evolved into a complex network with limitless possibilities.

1. The Internet of Things is All Inclusive

When you talk about the internet of things, there are almost no limits to what types of ‘things’ can be considered. A ‘thing’ can be a human with a wireless heart monitor, livestock with biochip transponders, or even an automobile that can alert its driver when the tire pressure is low. In short, a ‘thing’ can be anything that can be measured with a sensor, given a unique IP address, and transmitted via wire or wirelessly.

2. Machine-to-Machine Transmissions Most Common

Most of the internet of things at this point today is comprised of machines speaking with other machines. Often this is referred to as M2M for short. For instance, many machines used in the manufacturing, power production, and oil and gas utilities already transmit data between each other in order to provide time-sensitive information that is central to their operation. For instance a rugged server atop a weather station might record and wirelessly transmit data to a meteorological team on the ground.

3. Advancements in IP Address Technology

In order to access, or be accessed by, the Internet and its users one needs a unique IP address assigned to their computer or website. In the past, this was a simple numerical address. However, IP addresses have advanced so far that theoretically there could be a unique IP address assigned to every atom on the earth, and there would still be plenty of addresses left over for multiple more earths.

4. Traffic Increases Lead to Security Concerns

As a result of the advancements in both IP technology, and the increase in the number of data nodes that are actively capturing data and transmitting it to a server somewhere. As this traffic ramps up and more and more people start recording and transmitting data for their own personal reasons, issues like data privacy and security will become of critical importance as the IoT continues to evolve.

5. The IoT is Not New

Although the term ‘The Internet of Things’ was not coined until around the turn of the century, it has been in effective practice for several decades. In fact, the first Internet equipped appliance was a soda machine at Carnegie Melon University built in the early ’80s. Programmers were able to connect to the machine via a network to check the status of the machine and whether their favorite beverage was stocked in the machine before they made the trip over.