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Facebook Poke Button Is No longer Visible

Facebook is on a roll in launching new features and we have been busy analysing them.There is not a single new features which hasn’t created buzz over the internet.But to my amusement only a handful people noticed that facebook Poke button is no longer visible in new profile page. Either people are not bothered to [...]

How to Disable Facebook’s Ticker Feature

In a last one week facebook has changed almost complete look of its homepage by adding New News Feed, Ticker Feed and Timeline.Ticker gives the real time updates and they get updated at every fraction of second.Many people like it some found it to be annoying.The Ticker news feed is visible within the chat window [...]

Trick To Enable Preview Pane In Gmail

Google has launched another new feature that allows you to get preview of your emails.Earlier,when you open an email you have to go back to inbox to open another email which is quite irritating if you are searching for a particular mail.With Preview Pane your screen will be divided into two halves.First half will have [...]

How To Integrate Facebook With Google+

  Google+ is the current hottest social networking website.People are navigating from facebook to test this new social networking website.So,many of us have our accounts on both Facebook as well as Google+.Now you can integrate Google+ and facebook and can see the news feed of both from a single window. There is a plugin wisely [...]

Twitter Redesigns Front Page With Search

Twitter has officially launched their redesigned front page which now focuses on search and discovery. The new design invites you to “see what people are saying about…” by using the newly added search box.I am really impressed with this work Have you guys noticed?

10 Steps to Guarantee You Make the Digg Front Page

As I sit here writing on the world’s greatest personal computer (The Mac Pro Quad Xeon 64-bit workstation with dual 30 inch monitors): I can’t help but pity you Wal-Mart shoppers who still use software from the Antichrist (Microsoft) and can’t figure out how to get on the front page of Digg (Idiots!). So, I [...]

Exclusive First Look: SU.PR – Stumble Upon’s New Traffic Builder

[youtube] I’m so excited about SU.PR, it’s hard to contain. For the last few weeks, the brilliant team at StumbleUpon and I have collaborated on the creation of a new product designed to do one thing: get you more traffic in less time. It might just become the hub of your social media empire… [...]