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Free Premium Hosting And Domain Giveaway Contest

The Gadgets is a gadget site which provide latest news, reviews and tips. Templates for The is really simple or should I say too simple. I hope in the future, you might highlight banner for this site. Finally there’s a wonderfull chance for ya’ll to grab a One Year Premium Hosting and Domain for [...]

Top 20 Great Social Bookmarking Service, Boost Your Site Traffic

On internet social bookmarking brings link sharing experiences, when you like any websites you can bookmark it socially and share with your other friends.Their are many reasons why content strategy matters but if you talks about website traffic then their are many ways to increase the website traffic and social bookmarking plays a vital role [...]

Useful Ubuntu Tips and Tricks

tweetmeme_style = ‘compact’; tweetmeme_url = ‘’; Jaunty Jackalope, the Ubuntu distro that was announced in September last year has finally been released to the masses and its goal is to engage more users into using an OS that is not only free but also secure, stable and reliable. Valuable tips to making your Ubuntu [...]

Car Keys Inside The Car !!!

Have you ever locked your car keys inside the car ? This is a very frustating event in which you can’t blame anyone ! Well the solution come here : If you have remote control car lock system in your keychain (Very Common These Days), you are saved ! ** Just call some one at [...]

Two Tips Before Buying Your First Graphic Card

Before buying a graphic card , there are several things that you should know. I’ll tell you two things that you should look before buying your first graphic card. 1. Memory Memory is not everything. Maybe some of us out there will think that it is better if the graphic card has a higher memory. [...]

Tips to recover scratched CD’s

1. Spread a cloth on a flat surface and place the CD on it.2. Then, hold the disc with one hand, use the other to wipe the polish into the affected area with a soft cloth.3. Wait for it to dry and buff using short, brisk strokes along the scratch, not across it.4. A cloth [...]

*Powerpoint Tricks

Save Your Fonts with Your Presentation If you’re preparing a presentation that you plan to distribute to others, be sure that you check this option by clicking on the Tools button in the File/Save As dialog box. This will work for most TrueType fonts on the Windows platform.Saving Your Toolbar Configurations If you like to [...]

*Microsoft Office Hacks

This article is just to make u aware of knowm existing threats only for educational purpose. I have stumbled onto a couple potential security issue in Microsoft Word blogs i would like to share. In both cases the adversary (mis)uses fields to perpetrate the attack. It’s important to note that fields are not macros and, [...]