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Why is My PC Crashing?

Nothing can put a damper on productivity quite like a computer that crashes on a regular basis. Sometimes, a crash is preceded by the dreaded “blue screen of death” or another warning; other times, a computer simply shuts off without any warning at all. In either case, the end result is a whole lot of [...]

Hide Files or Folders Using Command Prompt

Trick to hide files and folders using Command Prompt The most important thing is that, once hidden with this method, the files/folders cannot be viewed by any search options even if you click “Show All Hidden Files and Folders”. Hiding the most wanted files and folders is very important nowadays and it’s really a tedious [...]

How To Install Windows XP Quickly

Now, this tip will be very helpful for those who frequently install windows xp operating system. Normally OS installation takes around 40 minutes to complete, but through this trick you can now save 10-15 minutes. This simple tricks goes this way. 1. Boot through Windows XP CD. 2. After all the files are completely loaded, [...]

Fix Corrupt Files In Windows XP and Windows 7

Hello friends, these tips is for all those who have windows XP and windows 7 and those wants to fix their corrupted files in windows XP and in windows 7. My computer also had been suffered from this kind of problem and I maintained it through the help of following tips. Well this is a [...]

How to Install Cabinet Hardware

If you’re looking to renovate a kitchen, you can save some money by the same cabinet doors hanging. It does not take much in the way of tools or equipment. All you need is a lot of time, patience and a drill and a screwdriver. So if you’re looking for how to install the cabinet [...]

Pivot Hardware – Use and Selection Guide

I called every week from customers who want to install pivot hardware to hang the doors (and sometimes other items such as books and even refrigerators). Using equipment pivot can be used different criteria in the workplace, such as aesthetic or perhaps because the door is too heavy, wide or high, or perhaps simply because [...]

You think you know your Laptop?

In this day and age where technology has greatly advanced, laptops have become so common. It is easy to purchase a laptop for as little as $250 or even less. This is because people want to carry out their business as they move from place to place. Even young children in elementary school know how [...]

Primary Master Hard Disk Failure IDE Hard Disk Error and Recovery

IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics) is a commonly used hard drive interface. Motherboards are generally provided with two IDE connectors, IDE0 (Primary IDE) and IDE1 (Secondary IDE). To each of the IDE connector, we can attach two devices at the maximum, where one is given the highest priority and referred as Master Drive while the second [...]

Laptop Hard Disk Recovery – How to Avoid Virus Attacks

Virus attacks are like traffic jams that you always wish you could avoid. Viruses hide in your computer pretending to be very useful application that can help improve your computer performance. First note that viruses come through removable devices that you connect to your computer. If you have never known, digital players and the digital [...]

Portable Hard Disk Recovery

Portable hard disk drives are a good way of backing up your data. There are external portable hard disks that can store up to 1 TB (1 terabyte…as in 1000GB of data). That’s a lot of data. It is always advised to have backup. The most unfortunate thing is that these portable hard disks can [...]