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10 Easy Tips To Speed Up Your Computer

There are many things that can bog down and slow the operation of your computer system. Here are some ways that you can speed up your system so it runs faster for you. Turn Off Anti-Virus Programs Leave your Firewall on but turn off anti-virus programs if you’re playing a game or working with an [...]

5 Tips for Computer Programming Beginners

Tip 1 The first tip might sound rather harsh but it needs to be said. This also goes beyond the scope of programming and relates to life in general, however as mentioned it needs to be said. IF you don’t LOVE programming THEN choose a different profession. It is as simple as that. Computer programming [...]

Computer Cooling Explained: Fan and Liquid Cooling Systems

The Principle: Heat Transfer Your computer has a few “hot spots” which generate more heat than the other components. Typically, these are the processor and power supply, although hard drives and extended video cards are also common culprits. In a closed computer case, you can imagine that the heat of a system builds rather quickly. [...]