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8 Helpful Tips for Setting Up Your New Computer

Buying a new computer is one of life’s pleasures but the excitement can quickly change to frustration when you try to transfer everything from one PC to another. Here are some tips on getting set up, that can help you avoid pulling out your hair. 1. Transfer your important data to a flash drive or [...]

Tips On Computer Repair And Virus Removal

When you think that your computer system has been invaded by a malware your first concern is getting the spyware eradicated. Computer repair and virus removal are two of the major concerns that all computer users have. To begin virus removal the most important thing that you can do is update your operating system to [...]

If Your Computer Has A Black Screen, Try This Monitor Trick

This applies only to LCD displays, not older CRT monitors, and most people who have the problem which this trick can help fix are using laptops. The wires which go from the computer part of your laptop to the monitor part of your laptop typically go through the hinged part of your laptop case. Constant [...]