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Computer Cooling Explained: Fan and Liquid Cooling Systems

The Principle: Heat Transfer Your computer has a few “hot spots” which generate more heat than the other components. Typically, these are the processor and power supply, although hard drives and extended video cards are also common culprits. In a closed computer case, you can imagine that the heat of a system builds rather quickly. [...]

7 Boot Problems and Solutions

There are a ton of reasons why your PC is experiencing boot problems. However, most of the time, these problems can be attributed to 7 major causes. Many of these problems can be remedied with just a few simple steps. Hopefully, this article can help you solve your boot problems. 1. Check Optical Disk Drives [...]

Various Computer Problems And Solutions

Computers are very complex, and there are so many different things that can go wrong. In order to narrow down what type of software you can get in order to fix your problems, you should think about what exactly is giving you problems with your computer. Let’s take a look at some common computer symptoms [...]