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Facebook’s Announcement: Group Chat, Video Chat, New Chat Design (PICTURES) & More

Mark Zuckerberg promised “something awesome” for Wednesday’s conference. What Facebook delivered is a trio of new chat features, including the earlier reported Skype-video chat integration. The new features include a redesigned chat interface, group chats, and the aforementioned video chat, all explained on Facebook’s blog. The group chat feature will let users chat with multiple […]

How to sell your websites? How much your site worth?

Well, i have seen many members who are willing to sell their sites….But they dont know how to sell?How much to set BIN…??well first of all you must know few short cuts and their full forms..BID: to offer some price.BIN: Buy It Now… Now,if you are ready to sell your website, go to any marketting […]

How to get tons of traffic?

Well….I have seen many people around internet who are crazy to know how to get tons of traffic after they are doing so much…Well i cant get you that much traffic lol….But ya….I can tell you some good tips….Well, firstly, stop copy pasting, its not gonna help you…Dont waste your tome by copying thousands of […]