Trick To Enable Preview Pane In Gmail

Google has launched another new feature that allows you to get preview of your emails.Earlier,when you open an email you have to go back to inbox to open another email which is quite irritating if you are searching for a particular mail.With Preview Pane your screen will be divided into two halves.First half will have list of all the emails and the second will be used to preview the email content.This feature can be enabled from Gmail Labs.

Trick To Enable Preview Pane In Gmail

  • Login Into Your Gmail Account
  • Click on the Gears Icon on the top-right corner and select Labs

  • Now look for Preview Pane it will be somewhere near to the bottom in the list.
  • Enable Preview pane and Save Changes

This will activate preview pane with default settings for Gmail.You can also toggle between other split modes like No Split, Vertical Split and Horizontal Split.


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