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Test Your Internet Speed

Well.. All of us have Internet Connections at our places… and pay for costly Hi-Speed Broadband Plans… But never thought of checking the speed that you actually get? Well I made an application to serve the purpose….. About Application : > Application Size = 208 KB > It checks the Internet Speed from a Calcutta […]

WordPress version 2.9 “Carmen” was released 19th december

WordPress has been updated again! As soon as you think you have the latest version along comes another one. And it’s not just a bug fix this time as it has some major new features, in fact some that have been a long time coming… WordPress version 2.9 “Carmen” was released earlier today and is […]

How-To Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts in Word 2007

Keyboard shortcuts save computer users much time and effort, but who determines which commands are worthy of having a shortcut? In Word 2007, you do! You can create a keyboard shortcut for nearly any task in Word, from saving documents in a certain format, to quickly highlighting selected text—the options are endless. All it takes […]