If Your Computer Has A Black Screen, Try This Monitor Trick


This applies only to LCD displays, not older CRT monitors, and most people who have the problem which this trick can help fix are using laptops.

The wires which go from the computer part of your laptop to the monitor part of your laptop typically go through the hinged part of your laptop case. Constant opening and closing of those hinges, plus the inevitable dropping and other abuse of your laptop, can damage the wires and connected parts of your laptop, creating a black screen.

You can also get a computer black screen on your laptop if you spill something on it. The water or other fluid may conduct electricity, shorting out a vital component.

Whether it’s wires or damaged components, you can often quickly figure out whether you need a new monitor, a new laptop, or just a small, cheap part using the flashlight trick.

The Flashlight Trick For Blank Monitors

Your LCD monitor has two essential parts: a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) which turns white light into light of a particular color on each pixel of your display and a backlight which provides that white light. Older backlights were light bulbs, newer and high-end backlights are LED lights.

LCDs are crystals and they usually can’t be repaired if they get damaged, but backlights are just LED lights or light bulbs-they can be replaced quite easily in many monitors (even laptop monitors). But before you try replacing the backlight, you need to discover whether or not it’s the problem.

To test your situation, you need to replicate the backlight. That’s quite easy: all you need is a bright flashlight with a white light (LED light blue color is fine too, but red doesn’t work very well). You don’t need to put this light behind your monitor, you just need to aim it at your monitor on a steep angle so the glare doesn’t reflect back at you.

Now that you have a flashlight, turn on your computer and let it run through its normal boot cycle. When it gets to the point at which you would usually start using it, turn on your flashlight and aim it at your monitor. Look very closely at your monitor-if you can see the dim image of your normal desktop or login screen, then your LCD display is working correctly. It’s just your backlight which isn’t working.

Replacing The Backlight

If have a desktop monitor which hasn’t seen any recent trauma (such as being dropped), you can usually just replace the backlight. Laptops are a bit trickier because the problem might not be the backlight-it might be another part, such as a shorted-out component from spilled water or a damaged wire from opening and closing your laptop too many times. If you’re handy with a computer, you can replace your desktop backlight, but I recommend that you take your laptop to a repair shop so that they can determine exactly which part is causing your backlight to not work, causing your computer with a black screen.

Do you think your black screen on your computer is something more serious?

I have written a full tutorial about computers and these problems and cover all types of problems relating to this topic. For example your computer might have a black screen with a blinking cursor or it might have a total computer blank screen with nothing showing at all. Either way, let us hope it is an easy problem to fix.


The Past, Present and Future of Technology’s Evolution


In today’s world, computers, tablets and Smartphones run our lives. In a short amount of time, the explosion of technology in the market has many people never imagining their lives without it. In order to understand how we came from the dark ages to where we are today, we should first understand the evolution of technology. Most of today’s technologies were born out of purpose. Search engines are a good example, they were created to sort out the huge amounts of online data. Every new upgrade of a technology creates something that was better than before.

Every time this happens, technology evolves and has become the thing that is essential today. Future new technologies come from ideas that get compounded to form new technologies. Technologies that exist today evolve into more powerful technologies that they were before. With the speed at which technology is evolving, it is no wonder why people are struggling to keep up. The following is an overview of how fast technology and the internet have evolved in just the past few years.

The Past

As recent as the 1990s, the internet was a new commodity that some businesses and homes had. People at that time remember the painfully slow sound of the dial-up signal as it connected to the internet. As more people saw the value of having internet access, technology once again stepped up to eliminate the use of a phone line to access the internet with an even faster way to connect to the World Wide Web. This advance also caused websites to advance and suddenly everyone had either a Tripod or Geocities website all of their own.

About this time, the blogging craze took off on the consumer level. This allowed the sharing of information to become much easier. Rather than handing over a floppy disc or CD-ROM, more people started to email documents or store larger files on a USB drive. With the advance of new technologies popping up, they would compound and form a stronger, faster and better technology. As this technology developed, it changed the way people operated, worked and coincidentally live today.

The Present

Since the 1990s, internet access has popped up nearly everywhere. It is rare to find a place of business, library, or coffee shop without access to a Wi-Fi signal. Even without a Wi-Fi signal in close range, most people can still access the internet with their cellular device or Smartphone. Because of this anytime/anywhere internet access, many businesses have created web apps that will answer the consumer’s common needs. These apps or applications will do everything from sending huge amounts of information to tracking food portions with just the click of a button. One of the differences that is most noticeable with today’s internet is the ability to be personable in such an impersonal setting. It has been social media that has changed the way people engage with each other online.

Even though this form of communication is superficial, it has helped people remain close that may otherwise would have lost contact all together. Even face to face conversations are becoming easier because of web/video conferencing that has broken the barriers of geography. Now, businesses can communicate with customers in more of a human manner, people can have a face to face conversation without having to travel across the country, and people can reach out to others across the world in an easier and faster manner. With all the new technologies influencing how people access each other and information, the future looks promising.

The Future

Technology will allow work to be accomplished faster and easier, internet access will become faster and more streamlined. Devices like tablets and Smartphones will keep evolving to work together better.

Data between these machines will be shared automatically, which will limit the need for human involvement. More and more businesses and people will put themselves in the cloud or have everything stored online rather than on a single device. This will allow an enormous potential to change how business is done, how the traditional office will look and how companies and people will interact with each other on a daily basis. As technology continues to evolve, the world will change with it and create new ways of working together and new habits.

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10 Easy Tips To Speed Up Your Computer


There are many things that can bog down and slow the operation of your computer system. Here are some ways that you can speed up your system so it runs faster for you.

Turn Off Anti-Virus Programs

Leave your Firewall on but turn off anti-virus programs if you’re playing a game or working with an application that takes a lot of computer power. The firewall can protect you from Internet threats. Be sure to turn the virus protection back on once you’re done. You’ll gain some computer speed with the virus program off.

Plug In Your Laptop

When you run your laptop off of the batter you don’t get as much power from it. To gain some computer speed back you should plug the laptop in when you’re at home and not on the road somewhere.

Turn Off Programs You Don’t need

When your computer starts up there may be several programs running you never use. Close these programs down to gain speed. When your operating your computer normally, only run the programs you need, close everything else. The computer has to switch back and forth between programs and this slows it down.


Most computers have room for additional memory sticks. Add as much memory as your computer can hold. You’ll gain speed for games and application that require plenty of power such as video programs and photographs.

Virus Scan

Be sure to scan your computer for viruses, malware, and spyware on a regular basis. You may have these malicious programs and not even know it. Eliminating them will speed up your computer and reduce problems with the system. For serious infections a computer technician can help you.


Make sure your compute is cleaned often. The buildup of dust can slow down the entire system and even destroy the sensitive components. You can do this yourself or have a qualified technician do it for you. This should be a part of any sensible maintenance plan for your computer.


Run the defrag program to speed up your hard disk. This can eliminate many problems with your system. You can do this on a periodic basis to gain more speed.


Software programs come out with upgrades all the time to fix programs with software and install new features. These new upgraded programs can work better on your system and you can gain speed by using them so make sure you have all the upgrades for your software. This is particularly important for the drivers of a video or sound card.

Watch For Error Messages

An error message means something isn’t quite working the way it should. Try to fix these yourself but if you can’t then see a technician. Errors can slow the system down and cause more problems if you leave them without doing anything.

Check Connections

Sometimes a bad connection can cause problems. Make sure all your cords are working correctly and upgrade older cords if there’s a need. Check the Internet connection too to make sure you are getting a proper connection if it seems slow.